When mechatronics takes flight.

Intelligent pneumatics for the automation industry integrating sensors and diagnostic features enabling customized solutions to monitor pressure and flow parameters and going even as far to reduce machine cycle times and saving energy. These are important characteristics of today’s automation components that are earmarked in a demanding globalized market: systems that are increasingly more technological and customized. These systems need to be small and smart. 

This market trends lead to a continuous trend in miniaturizing components characterized by a mechatronic nature and the integration of several functions in customized systems that are ever more compact and complete. Miniaturization is widely used to develop state-of-the-art pilots for solenoid valves, which are getting smaller and smaller. Following these technology trends Camozzi is focussing on the ongoing development of  components of success. Research is at the very heart of these activities with the capacity to observe and experiment which ensures the best solutions are

“To us creativity is about the exploration of many new ideas. The optimum solution is the one that remains after the elimination of all possible alternatives. We are constantly developing our knowledge which we pass to our customers to ensure they fully benefit from the advantages available from the latest technologies.”

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