Valves and solenoid valves - Series EN

June 14 2010

High reliability and space saving

High reliability and space saving

This new valve has been designed
to be installed in applications requiring a reduced space and where the valves need to be located as near as possible to the operating elements.
The valves Series EN can be mounted on any flat surface, and allow for an extremely compact
machine design, thanks also to the reduced dimensions of the
valve itself.

Compact and light

This new generation of solenoid valves has been designed to guarantee lightness, a compact design and easiness in use. Different versions are available with sizes 16 mm and 19 mm both individual or manifold assembly.

High flexibility

This new valve has an aluminium body, technopolymer endcovers, a new coil and a plug with connections in line with the pneumatic outlets. The valve is available as 5/2 mono and bistable in 3 types as 5/3 C.C., C.O., C.P. with voltage from 24 to 230V and protection class IP65. It can also be used with vacuum components thanks to the option of an external servo-pilot supply.

Optimized dimensions

Series EN is equipped with a new pneumatic manifold which is particularly optimised in its overall dimensions. The new connectors and the electrical pilot solution allows the electric cables to be placed in the same direction as the tube, reducing the overall dimensions and allowing assembly of the valve in a reduced space.

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