Sapphire Now Conference

July 25 2013

During the annual conference, Camozzi had the honour to be presented as a model of success

The Sapphire Now annual conference represents one of the world’s premier business technology events, where SAP presents innovations, new products, strategy, and successful case histories of SAP customers. The Sapphire conference was held in Madrid. A series of presentations were delivered by SAP and some directly by SAP customers to demonstrate the success of SAP projects, the strategies for achieving them, the difficulties encountered, and the benefits obtained etc. Camozzi had the 'honour of being invited by SAP as a speaker on the discussion panel.

The theme was: "Improving Decision Making with Better Information Corporate Governance". The panel comprised 3 SAP customers: Camozzi, Vodafone and Velux A/S, they were requested to respond to series of questions regarding management and governance of information within the company, analysing information strategies and software management. The SAP moderator Byron Banks, V.P. of Product Marketing at SAP, forwarded various questions to each of the 3 participants. The main topics covered were the company’s strategy aimed at information management, SAP projects in progress and for the future, the size of the data, new technologies in-memory etc..

Camozzi was represented as a model of success both in regard to innovation and the ability to independently manage new projects. One of the latest projects in progress is HANA (in memory computing, High Performance Analytic Appliance). The in-memory database is one of SAP’slatest technological developments and Camozzi is one of the first customers in the world to test this new application. SAP Italy considered it an honour to participate in this event alongside two important world leading companies such as Vodafone and Velux.