Proportional valves Series AP

April 09 2012

2/2-way directly operated proportional valves
Sizes: 16 - 22 mm

Series AP directly operated proportional valves are able to control air flows starting from a minimum of 25l/min with size 16 mm up to a maximum of 130l/min with size 22 mm and nominal diameters range from 0.8mm up to 2.4 mm. The opening of the valves can be proportionally controlled through a PWN or current signal. The type of signal and advanced technology used in the design of these valves significantly reduces
hysteresis, repeatability and sensibility values which eradicates frictions and stick-slip effects.

The Series AP range of solenoids are 100% continuously rated and every single valve is tested to its maximum working pressure. These valves are manufactured to the highest standards and this is reflected in the hysteresis graph showing the repeated response and reliability of this range of valves.

It is possible to customise these valves for individual applications. The Series AP valves can be used where open loop flow control is required with inert gas and clean fluids to control free flows or emptying chambers using vacuum. The use of specific seals make these valves suitable for a wide range of applications in the fluid control sector.

The advantages

> High reliability

> Control of air flows from 25 l/min up to 130 l/min

> Open loop flow control

> Flexibility in use

> Accurate calibration

> Suitable for passage of fluids

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