Proportional servo valves Series LR

June 06 2011

Excellence in dynamics and precision.

Proportional technology High-Tech

With the new servo valves Series LR, Camozzi has extended its range of products in a new highly innovative field of mechatronic control for pneumatic systems. The most typical applications are pressure regulation with high precision and dosing of industrial gases. The products of the Series LR are high-end servo valves, for regulations with highest dynamics and precision with closed loop control circuit.

Integrated technology to satisfy customer needs

Servo pneumatics valves Series LR are able to control air pressure in a quick and precise way, reducing cycle times of the positioning profiles, utilizing less compressed air and enabling the saving of energy in applications where pneumatic cylinders are used for positioning functions. Electronic board is integrated in the body of the valve or in the connector of the cartridge version.

Highest reliability and precision of control

The heart of the servo valves is a patented rotating spool system. The rotating spool has a metal-to-metal seal with the cartridge that ensures a precise frictionless control without the influence of any seals. With servo-pneumatics, three main functions can be realised: pressure or flow control, control of motion profiles (acceleration and speed), and the positioning of linear actuators.

Multisectorial solutions

For the most important standard applications, stand-alone and ready for use components are available. With these components an actuation unit, regulation control and a pressure sensor are all integrated into one body. The cartridge version or the version with sub-base can be used in a wide range of application in different sectors.

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