Proportional microregulator Series K8P

April 10 2012

High precision electronic microregulator
for the pressure control

Electronic proportional micro regulator

The electronic proportional micro regulator Series K8P, born from the experience in the miniaturized valves Series K8 development, guarantees an excellent pressure regulation and high dynamism as well as a self-regulation of performance with a low energy consumption. The K8P is a high-performance proportional pressure regulator which is suitable for use in all those applications where high precision, quick response time and low consumption are required. The proportional regulator adjusts the outlet pressure through the operation of two K8 monostable valves according to the inlet signal (from 0 to 10 V DC) and to the retroactivity of the internal pressure sensor. In the regulator control algorithm a self-adjusting function has been integrated in order to guarantee the highest performance apart from the connected volume.

Solutions for every sector

The K8P can be used with inert gas in order to maintain a constant pressure in pneumatic cylinders or in expansion valves. Moreover, it has been designed to mantain a constant pressure during chemical reactions in Life Science application, guarantee a constant pulling power of the wires in a winding machines and modulate the pressure during the polishing process in wood machines as well as control the opening of diaphragm valves.

Flexible and precise

he micro regulator K8P can be used as pilot valve in order to control the opening of high flow valves. It allows to check the power in lifting systems through proportional pressure control.


> High precision
> Reduced response time
> Minimum consumption
> Self-regulation function
> Flexibility of use
> Compact design

Continuous monitoring

As the inlet signal increases from 0 to 10 V DC also the outlet pressure increases relatively and the internal valves begin consequently to work. The outlet pressure is continuously monitored by a pressure sensor which checks the functioning of the pressure itself creating thus a retroactivity of the inlet signal.

Automatic regulation

The signal retroactivity circuit enables the regulator to constantly check the outlet pressure and adjust it continually till to reach the outlet pressure in proportion to the inlet signal. At the same time the regulator can supply an analogical outlet signal from 0 to 10 V DC which is proportional to the pressure measured by the internal sensor.

Efficiency always under control

Two leds have been put on the micro regulator K8P. These leds indicate the regulator functioning and any possible error that can occur during the operation.

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