Modular FRL - Series MX

October 11 2011

New Series MX, the best way to treat air

With the Series MX Camozzi completes the offer of air treatment components with a range of modular FRL which are available in two sizes with ports of 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" (for size MX2) and of 3/4", 1" (for size MX3). The Series MX has been designed to offer high performances and absolute reliability in every application at an excellent quality-price level. Technical solutions and several patented innovations have been also introduced which make installation and maintenance easier.

Clean design

The new design, together with compact dimensions and reduced weight, meets application requirements especially in the field of assembly lines and robotic systems.

Different types of filtering elements

The 5 different types of available filtering elements, 25 μm, 5 μm, coalescing filter of 1 μm and 0.01 μm, and activated carbon filter make Series MX suitable for applications fields such as machine tools and food sector.

Strong and light

The combination of different materials, the aluminium body with the polymer cover and the polycarbonate bowl with polymer cover guarantee both rugged durability and light weight, which are essential conditions for use in graphics and printing fields.

Safety guaranteed

The system of anti-tampering for the pressure regulation represents the best solution to meet the demanding application requirements of the automotive field.

Easy to assembly

The easy connection among the bodies through the use of a rapid clamp system allows the removal and replacement of one element from the FRL group with no need to disassemble the other components and therefore ensuring fast maintenance.

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