Mini solenoid valves - Series PN

April 04 2011

15 mm - 3/2 N.C. , manual override

Easy installation

Thanks to its compact design, Series PN is suitable for use in reduced mounting space. The connectors on the top of the body are in line with the cables to reduce the dimensions of the whole system.


> Integrated electronics
> Low power consumption
>Compact design

A small solenoid valve that thinks big

The solenoid valves Series PN are designed to guarantee the highest easyness in installation with at the same time compact design and lightness. Solenoid valves Series PN are 15 mm 3/2 way normally closed valves equipped with a manual override which makes the plants setting easier.

• Size: 15 mm
• 3/2 way normally closed
• Power consumption: 2 W hook ÷ 1 W holding
• Nominal flow rate: 20 Nl/min
• Protection class: IP65 (with connector DIN 40050)
• Body: PTB technopolymer
• Seals: FKM on demand
• Montable on single base or manifold
• Vertical electrical connection

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