Mini solenoid valves - Series KN

April 04 2011

10 mm, size 3/2 way n.o. valves

High reliability

Thanks to its low energy consumption and to its compact design, the miniaturized solenoid valve KN can be used in industrial and Life Science applications. Seals are available in FKM on request to be used with more aggressive fluids.

Mounting flexibility

Ideal for use on manifold, Series KN is also suitable for direct mounting on electronic boards.


> Integrated electronics
> Low power consumption
> Compact design

The new Series KN is the result of a deep research on assembly processes and materials. The pilots Series KN are 10 mm size 3/2 way normally closed valves with a connecting interface according to standard ISO 15218.

• Size: 10 mm
• 3/2 way normally closed
• Power consumption: 1 W hook ÷ 0.25 W holding
• Nominal flow rate: 10 Nl/min
• Protection class: IP50
• Body: PTB technopolymer
• Seals: FKM on demand

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