Micro solenoid valve - Series K8

May 03 2011

8 mm - 3/2-way and 2/2-way (NC/NO)

Miniaturized technology, high precision within only 8 mm

 As a response to the trend towards ultra miniaturisation in combination with wider market request for fully integrated and embedded systems, Camozzi launches the micro solenoid valve Series K8.

This development is considered one of the most important strategic product and milestone for Camozzi. K8 is regarded as a “core product” to be used as pilot solenoids in many of the future generations of valves and in many special solutions within Fluid control and general industrial applications.

At the forefront of miniaturization

The micro solenoid valve Series K8, which is patented by Camozzi, is a directly operated 3/2-way and 2/2-way (NC/NO) solenoid valve shaped as a cartridge with an outer diameter of only 8 mm, ideal for direct integration in applications that require very small space, low weight in combination with low energy consumption. The micro solenoid valve Series K8 is suitable for use in industrial applications and portable equipment, for Life Sciences and other Fluid control equipment.

 Maximum reliability

Our experience in the development of miniaturized solenoid valves for industries operating in very demanding sectors, like the medical sector, guarantees today the maximum precision and reliability of each single component to all clients. The micro solenoid valve Series K8 is the proof of our commitment.


> 2/2 – 3/2 way, normally closed and normally open
> Reduced weight and dimensions
> Low power consumption
> Highly dynamic in frequency
> Excellent flow – size ratio

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