The key to having a good business is by doing good through the business

March 12 2012

Camozzi further continues its commitment to society with the recent sponsorship..

Camozzi's commitment and active participation in supporting socio-cultural and sporting initiatives has always been an integral part of the company philosophy of “commitment that goes beyond business”. For Camozzi, in fact, entrepreneurial activity is as equally important as the promotion of opportunities for interaction and growth where qualities such as loyalty, dedication and passion are valued and respected, qualities which are demonstrated in all aspects of life.

In choosing which initiatives to support, preference is always allocated to local projects.
Supporting the local social environment is a constant challenge which is always approached with fresh enthusiasm. The "Reassess Brescia Project", for example, was an initiative sponsored by the City of Brescia to safeguard the cultural and artistic heritage of our city by recruiting assistance from both the public and private sector. In this project, Camozzi contributed to the restoration of three bronze busts dedicated to distinguished representatives from Brescia.
This social commitment reaches beyond provincial and national boundaries. Examples of this are the activities which represent charities such as Medicus Mundi, committed to the promotion of health in the poorest countries in the world, or Kids Take Care, an association which deals with giving hope and the promise of a better future to orphans and sick people in South East Asia and to providing assistance to families living in the slums of those areas.

Camozzi has promoted and continues to promote numerous sporting initiatives, from Rugby and Formula One to the most recent agreement with Audi Sport Italy for the sponsorship of Gianni Morbidelli in the 2010-2011 Superstars championship.
Other large projects were both the realization of the Camozzi Doubles Masters (International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament) and the sponsorship of Fabio Triboli – gold medallist in long distance running and twice bronze medallist in the Paralympics in Bejing 2008.

In all of these activities Camozzi has exhibited a particular awareness regarding sport, focusing on genuine excellence with the emphasis on “excellence” which is independent of physical perfection and beauty in the classical sense.
Among the initiatives dedicated to the disabled, support of wheelchair tennis would likely be the most significant. Other projects of importance include the "Homerus Project", which enables the blind to participate in the world of sailing by instructing them in the arts of solo navigation, Icarus Basketball and events organized by the society "For H" to assist disabled persons.

A natural progression for Camozzi (in the context of this attention given to persons with disabilities) was the formulation of a recently signed sponsorship agreement between Camozzi and Activesport. Activesport is an amateur sports association founded and managed directly by disabled athletes.

Last July, Polpenazze´s Sports Center hosted the annual Camozzi Football tournament, which was won by Innse-Berardi. During this event some of the athletes from Activesport had the opportunity to demonstrate their skill and competitive spirit on the tennis court with some vibrant and entertaining tennis.
The tournament also raised awareness for the association, which aims to provide disabled persons the opportunities to participate in various sports and also to promote a positive and active way of life. For a person suffering from disabilities, in particular those due to trauma or injury, sport becomes an indispensable means to reintegrate from both a mental and physical perspective.

During rehabilitation, it has been demonstrated that the benefits of sport are not limited to just health and physical wellbeing, but also the enjoyment and social aspect promotes the recovery of self-esteem, self-confidence, and strength of mind.

Socialising with people who share the same problems, including teachers, and learning to manage their own limits in every day life, without having to depend totally on others helps them to rediscover their potential and reinforces the idea of being able to be competitive in sport as well as in life.
Camozzi shares and promotes these values and welcomes with enthusiasm the Activesport project for the construction of a tennis school for the disabled.