ISO Cylinders Series 40

April 06 2012

Double acting, cushioned, magnetic
Ø 160 - 200 - 250 - 320 mm

The new 250-320mm bores versions of Series 40 have been designed for applications where very high force is required.

These new large bores are particularly suitable for use in metal processing, chemical and mining industries as well as in the production and maintenance of railway rolling stock.

A permanent magnet on the piston is able to send, through proximity switches mounted on the cylinder sliding axis, electrical signals to indicate its position.

The advantages

> In compliance with ISO 15552 standards and with the previous DIN/ISO 6431-VDMA 24562 standards
> Strong and reliable
> Adjustable pneumatic cushioning


> Metal-cutting shears
> Production of reinforced concrete frames
> Opening the valve concrete mixers
> Stands for testing industrial valves for gas
> Production of railway wheels
> Stands for checking brake pads car wheel pairs
> Supplier of cargo and passengers wagon
> Stacker
> Manufacture of steel tubes
> Supplier of wheels for tractors and trucks
> Stretching testing
> Felling processing


> Metallurgy
> Mining
> Chemical
> Railway carriage
> Heavy engineering