Cylinders - Aluminium profile - Series 62

May 02 2011

Fit for purpose

Fit for purpose

In response to the market’s increasing need for more complete, technically advanced solutions closely related to the application, Camozzi further expands the product portfolio presenting the new cylinders Series 62, especially designed to optimize the basic functions resulting in a quality product at a very competitive price.

High use flexibility

The cylinder Series 62 has been designed on the basis of Series 61. Both the profile and the piston have been improved and optimized as to their weight, thus allowing to reduce the cylinder cost. This cylinder is a basic product representing a really attractive solution for the market as it can be used in a lot of industrial fields’applications at an excellent quality price level.

In compliance with standards

Camozzi always includes new cylinders within the standard range, making sure that these comply with the international standards. Accordingly, Series 62 has been designed in compliance with the dimensions laid down in standards ISO 15552 as a replacement for previous DIN/ISO 6431/VDMA 24562.

Clean and light design

A permanent magnet is integrated in the piston which enables the detection of the piston’s position, by means of proximity switches (Series CSH) mounted in the grooves along one side of the cylinder profile. These grooves can be covered with a slot cover profile. These cylinders are equipped with adjustable end-stroke cushioning.

> Dimensions in compliance with standard ISO 15552
> Rolled stainless steel rod
> Clean and light design with adjustable end-stroke cushioning
> Excellent quality/price level

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