The C_Fluid Control programme takes shape

July 04 2011

The introduction of new solenoid valves series among the range of components for fluids

The introduction of new solenoid valves series among the range of components for fluids allows our group to confront and resolve innovative applications for new markets

Miniaturized solenoid valves as well as solenoid valves for general use directs our actions towards a "world" which is similar to pneumatic automation but with technologically advanced aspects which must to be understood carefully each time a new application is investigated. This “world” is determined by factors such as safety, antipollution, health, long life of machinery or instrumentation working in the most varied sectors with fluids that can be toxic, aggressive, aseptic or requiring very high-speed controls.

Miniaturized solenoid valves

The range of miniaturized solenoid valves of 8-10-15 mm, with nominal diameter from 0.2 to 2 mm, 2-way and 3-way, allows us to use them in pilot and automation applications, as well as in applications to control single-acting cylinders, expanded fluids or small quantities of fluids in dosing and distribution systems.

The use of these mini-components is quite suitable for manifolds and systems where very small dimensions and compact design are requested.

To plan a special solution means:

•to analyze the customer’s requirements and define the specific needs
•to study the possible solutions and design an outline plan
•to estimate any possible solutions through samples and tests
•to design defined drawings and coordinate with suppliers.

Every project or customized special execution means the use of technical knowledge to understand both the problem and the customer’s need, as well as to realize the finished product. Every step of this process is supported by process and management analysis which involves all company departments working as a team and in harmony as one person. Feasibility, profitability, execution time, design, logistics realization and commercial management are all activities that imply, besides the involvement of skilled persons and resources, above all coordination and a proper organization. This is what Camozzi is doing. Together with an already working didactic system which aims to develop a systematic way of thinking and acting, orientated towards specialized and customized solutions, is in fact what the future and our business requires.

Solenoid valves for general uses

The new solenoid valves Series CFB, as well as Series A and 6, offer a range of products for liquid and gas fluids whose characteristics allow to control wide flow of fluid too. Their sizes which go from 1/8” gas to 2” gas cover a very wide application field which is called "General Purpose" and their use is spreading in relevant and innovative sectors like: pollution, disposal of waste material, water treatment, naval, railway and process industry, etc.


Designing new solenoid valves and components through the use of innovative technologies in terms of design, functions and performances utilizes our engineering department from research and development to industrialization. The main purpose of our teams is to complete the C_Fluid range through a broader offering of:

•regulation solenoid valves - proportional technology
•solenoid valves to manage and control aggressive and aseptic fluids - total separation technology

These components, which are requested by markets such as Industrial and Life Sciences, requires more demanding and sophisticated a pplications, that are the backbone o f machinery and instrumentation that are able to manage fluids and automation through their functionality of high precision.

We are referring to equipment that is used in sectors such as medical analysis, diagnostics, chemistry, space, etc.

The study and the realization of these components follows a strict technical procedure in which market sector experts carry out the following:

•study of the state of the art
•market analysis and materials availability
•development and dimensioning
•simulations (FEM, CFD, dynamic)
•design and refining
•industrial feasability analysis, cost reduction, know-how transfer

If the finished product, suitable for the market challenges, is offered and supported in the proper way, it will bring advantages to both the customer and as a consequence also to our company.