Camozzi Pneumatic Simferopoli 20th anniversary

January 02 2012

Camozzi Pneumatic Simferopoli celebrated its 20th anniversary in the summer of 2011

20 years ago, a young company entered the Ukrainian market with several workers.

In a short time the company became a strong and prosperous reality.

The company opened its manufacturing plant in Ukraine thanks to the professionalism and experience gained and the success achieved.

It has held a leading position in the Ukrainian market for pneumatic components since the creation of the first cylinder, in August 2000.

In the summer of 2009 a new plant was inaugurated in the city of Simferopoli, which has allowed the company to expand the production of cylinders and special products.

One of Camozzi’s main objectives is the need to balance production and profit for the company's growth as well as the ability to provide a timely response to customer needs.