Camozzi components for microbiology field

March 12 2012

A new special packaging line created by R.I.A.S. with Camozzi components

La costante ricerca di soluzioni customizzate che integrino meccanica, elettronica e pneumatica è uno dei driver che guidano lo sviluppo di macchinari per settori esigenti come quello del packaging.

One of the main drives which leads the development of machinery for industries, as demanding as packaging, is the constant search for customized solutions integrating mechanics, electronics and pneumatics. The choice of component suppliers is increasingly linked to the ability to provide integrated solutions and this is also the feature that allowed Camozzi to be chosen to equip all the new special packaging lines designed by R.I.A.S., a company based in Chieti and fully dedicated to the field of microbiology.

Today R.I.A.S., a specialist in design and manufacture of automated systems, is presented as an ideal partner, offering expertise and technology that result in a complete range of efficient machinery for food processing: packaging, cartoning, tray molds, markers and labelers, software solutions for food product traceability. We can obtain optimal integration, resulting in a better functioning of machinery and systems developed, keeping a strong focus on the latest automation techniques, right up to motion control, by the union of automation, electronics, advanced mechanics, electrical controls, linear motion and assembly. Furthermore, experiments of recent years have been geared mainly towards the realization of anthropomorphs, the use of which were among the most varied, and in each case suitable for the optimization of production processes.

The activity of R.I.A.S., supported by an ISO 9001: 2008 certified system, allows you to interact with customers through an integrated network, studying and designing innovative and high quality solutions whilst providing reliable service. For this to happen, R.I.A.S. has increasingly specialized in prototype production, also arriving to file a patent with the authorized Office. When faced with a particular need for packaging with double wrapping by a leading German company producer of culture media for microbiological diagnosis, we designed and manufactured a line of special packaging. It consisted of a loading system using the appropriate tape intermittently: a package transport system from a first to a second packaging machine specifically designed to allow the plates to remain always in an upright position and preventing them from toppling and breaking up until the finished packages gathering table. The presented line shows highly innovative features both for applied packaging and for used components.

The pneumatic system boasts the use of exclusive Camozzi material, which, together with the originality of our creation, has produced excellent results and has been widely appreciated by the end customer in terms of quality and reliability.