Supply Chain Management

At Camozzi we believe Supply Chain Management (SCM) is central to the provision of excellent service and the creation of value for customers. We aim to optimize the customer experience which requires excellence in the management of the entire chain, from inbound to distribution logistics.

All of this leads to the timely fulfillment of orders where the customer gets the right product at the right time without any compromise in quality or price.

In an environment experiencing economic and market uncertainty, as well as increasing competitive pressures, full customer satisfaction is dependent on the quality of service delivered.  At Camozzi we believe the complexity of modern supply chains means improvements must be widespread rather just at the individual plant level so that the benefits of using specialized suppliers can be fully felt.

It is important to consider the process of value creation in the supply chain as a whole, starting with suppliers all the way through to distributors because all of the players in the chain have an impact on the quality of service delivered. Ultimately customer satisfaction and the company’s reputation are at stake.

Every Camozzi Group Company believes in the principle of SCM, which helps to achieve and maintain the highest levels of service.

Strong relationships throughout the supply chain are key to delivering excellent service and interactions with customers in particular provide an opportunity to share valuable information so that predefined service level agreements are at least adhered to. Customer value is also created using advanced logistics based principles such as kanban supply, delivery schedules, kitting, VMI systems, consignment stock or EDI. Information technology is utilized fully throughout the Group with the SAP management system providing essential support.

In order to continuously improve service standards actual performance must be measured daily against pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and comparisons made with industry benchmarks.