Innovation & Quality

At Camozzi innovation is about the processes and activities which allow solutions to be developed in a systematic and structured way.

Our goal is to anticipate market trends and predict requirements for customer service so that we can constantly innovate and create new products to deliver value to users.
When pursuing these goals we always consider the environment, workplace safety, human resource development and the broader society in general.

We believe that innovation achieves most when it is pursued continuously and that it is inseparable from the combination of research, training, organizational and technological development and this is why we have established the following divisions within the Camozzi Group:

• CRC-Camozzi Research Centre (technological research & development)
• Camozzi Competence Centre and the Innse Berardi School (training)
• CIS-Camozzi Innovation System (Optimisation of processes and activities according to the principles of "Lean Production")