Mission & Vision

Camozzi aims to be a world class company in the engineering, production and distribution of pneumatic components by providing customers with solutions that use only the most advanced technologies available. We have positioned ourselves as an innovation and engineering driven company which provides high value solutions using high quality components.

All business partners, including OEMs, end users and distributors are dealt with in the same professional manner, no matter what their size.

We aim to attract and retain qualified people by offering to continuously develop their capabilities and knowledge. We aim to optimize all internal processes by eliminating all waste and inefficiency. We aim to provide excellent support services to our customers through our global branch and distributor network.

Our ambition is to achieve sustainable progress in all areas in which we operate and to provide innovative solutions by working with our partners, with whom we have built long lasting relationships, built on mutual trust and respect for people and the environment.

We want our customers to choose us and our employees to join us because of our drive for innovation, efficiency and social responsibility. Each of these characteristics influence and guide our daily actions and our way of doing business. We are continuously driven by our goal of making each employee proud to be part of the Camozzi Group.